Welcome to Suryaa Batteries Pvt. Ltd.

Suryaa Batteries Pvt. Ltd.  was started in the year 1998 at Heritage City, Mysore. The unit is engaged in manufacturing of Batteries (Automotive and Tubular) under the brand name, “Suryaa Batteries”. Suryaa Batteries are manufactured using the latest state of Art Technology. Factory is well equipped with infrastructure facility to manufacture all types of Lead Acid Batteries. Plants and Machineries are automated. Suryaa’s modern Electrical & Chemical testing labs are of International Standard. Surya’s motto is to provide Defect Free Long Life Batteries to the customers and to meet specific requirements of IS-11369. Suryaa’s high performance and high quality batteries is the result of a philosophy it follows, strictly adhering to ISO-9001-2008 principles and adopting them in all aspects.

Suryaa Tubular Batteries are specially designed for standby applications. Positive plates are tuboid type made up of special alloy for Low maintenance with polyester / Acrylic gauntlets filled with Lead Oxide. Negative pasted plates with PE ENVELOP POCKET TYPE separators are assembled in Sturdy Polyprolene container with heat sealed tamper proof Lid & suitable handle for easy lifting, Provided with Micro porous Aqua Trap Vent Plugs which allows generated gas to escape and traps water particles & environment friendly with proper voltage control, the frequency of topping up will be once in 6 months. Excellent overcharge tolerance & accepts very deep discharge suitable for long power-cuts.